Alejandro Aguanta

“Sometimes creative types can have big egos. For me it’s about engaging with people. I like busking more than performing on a big stage, because here we’re approachable. People come up and talk to us.”

Alejandro Aguanta

An Australian born classical guitarist, Alejandro’s South American heritage saw him spend 10 years of his childhood in Bolivia. He would listen to his Dad sing and strum an accoustic guitar.

Later Alejandro taught himself the art of classical guitar. His skill and proficiency in fingerpicking through classic instrumental tunes is just part of his armour – the rest is sparked from his soul.

You’ll find Alejandro busking around Melbourne or catch him performing at a busking competition around Country NSW or Victoria. He also performs at weddings and private events.

Apart from earning some coin, why do you busk?

“It’s all about that engagement with people. And if I’m busking at a market or outdoor festival I like to use my music to provide a great atmosphere, that helps the stall holders to sell more merchandise. The creative arts are a tough gig, it’s good to help each other out.”

What’s a good piece of advice you’ve been given?

“If you have an itch or a curiosity – something you want to do – just do it. Don’t wait, because by the time you think you’re ready, the opportunity may have passed you by.”

If you could choose a favourite song or lyric, what might it be?

“There’s one by Bjork called ‘Hyperballad.’ From my perspective, that song speaks to me a lot about solitude. As musicians we spend a lot of time by ourselves, in a studio or in our room, we often don’t have a lot of human interaction.”

Who are your musical inspiratons?

“Surprisingly they’re not classical. I’m into a real mixed bag of genres, I love heavy metal and rock, even a bit of electronic.”


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