“We met on a dating App. We arranged to meet for coffee, but after a few minutes it turned out we had absolutely nothing in common relationship wise, but we discovered we both loved music. So, we ditched the coffee and went to a park for a 2 hour jam session instead.”

Bryce Tinley

Bryce Tinley and Sarah Farrington formed the Albury music duo ‘Recovered’ only around 3 months ago. As well as busking in Albury and about the district they have performed at local venues including the Retro Lane Café, St Ives Hotel and a community youth event called Street Jam.

We caught them busking at the Rotary Community Markets in Kiewa Street, Albury.

What are some memorable moments that you’ve encountered while busking?

Sarah – ” One day we were busking in Dean Street and a lady heard us from the window of her car, she had to drive around the block a couple of times to find a park so she could come and listen to us play. That was nice.”

Bryce – “The crazy people! So many crazies come and talk to you on the streets. This one guy had just got off a murder charge in court and he came up to me and gave me his lucky charm. It was a rusty old celtic cross. Then, after explaining what all the tattoos on his knuckles were about he left; I think he had to go back into court.”

“There was another guy who thought it was awesome when someone dropped $10 in our case. Then he asked me if he could have it and got a bit aggressive when I turned him down.”

If you could choose a lyric that’s special to you, what would it be?

Sarah – “Come down my life force – it’s a lyric from our original song. To me it means waiting to find your place, and meaning, in life.”

Bryce – “Blue like the colour of your eyes. Blues, let them pass you by – it’s also from Life Force. It seems I always have images of blue eyes occurring in my life. It’s also what I notice when people are photographed at traumatic events and that sort of thing.”

Where did you learn to play the guitar?

Bryce – “I’m self taught. All you need is YouTube these days to teach yourself to play. I was lucky too because I had some great guitar playing mates who taught me stuff when we jammed. I write a lot of instrumental guitar pieces and Sarah and I have just started songwriting together.”

What’s next for ‘Recovered’?

“We’re excited to be playing at By the Banks music festival at Willowbank in Albury on 30 November and then at The Malt Shed in Wangaratta on 7 December.”

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