“Dame Kelly Holmes (British Double Gold Medallist, middle distance athlete) told me to never give up on my dreams. I was 7 years old at the time and performing at an event she attended.

Busking has helped me to maintain eye contact. I am naturally very shy. It’s taken me years to put on an act really. If I act like I am confident, it helps me to actually become confident.”

Kiah Spurle

Kiah Spurle is a 12 year old British national with a big voice. Drawn to singing at a very young age, Kiah would sing along with Andrea Boccelli on the TV and when she got a little older Adele became her favourite performer.

Kiah took up busking to build her confidence when performing and as a way to practice maintaining eye contact with her audience, something she felt she needed to develop as she is a shy young lady by nature.

We invited Kiah along to Busker What’s Your Story? to find out a little more.

How often and where abouts do you busk?

I go busking every two weeks in the Winter, and more in the Spring and Summer months. I mostly busk around London and the South of England.

What are your best moments from busking? Do you feel intimidated on the streets?

My most memorable moments busking are the amazing people that support me. People are genuinely really kind and want the best for me. Some stop and chat to me and my mum and it really means a lot to both of us. My Mum comes with me every time I busk, so I feel safe. I always have the support of adults and friends around me.

Is there anything you don’t like about busking?

The most difficult thing about busking is getting set up! Haha! Everything is heavy and lots of leads etc.

What do you do with the money you earn from busking?

I save my money from busking to use when I start recording my own music. Studio time is very expensive and I like to pay my own way for everything that I achieve.

If you could choose a lyric from any song that means something special to you, what would that lyric be?

I like the lyric: “We Are All One” it’s also the song title of my latest song. It means that we are all equal. We all have something that we are talented in. We just have to find it within ourselves.

Who are your musical inspirations?

My all time favourite singer is Adele. I just love her voice obviously but, she is just so down to earth and honest. I’m loving Billie Eilish at the moment too!

What’s some great advice you’ve received in your young lifetime so far?

Dame Kelly Holmes (British Double Gold Medalist in middle distance running) told me to never give up on my dreams. I was 7 years old at the time and singing at an event that she attended.

What’s next for you Kiah?

I write my own songs and will be recording a new EP soon.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kiahspurle/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kiahspurle/

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