Busker What’s Your Story? Street Performer Porto, Portugal

Street performer in Portugal

“My inner goddess is doing the Merengue with some Salsa moves.”

E.L. James

We’re not sure what E.L. James would make of this pair, but we thought they were a hoot!

They danced the Merengue in Francisco Sá Carneiro Square, Porto to the delight and amusement of the crowd.

Busker What’s Your Story? We’re sure it’s full of saucy secrets.

Busker What’s Your Story? – Malaga 2019

“Every inquisitive traveller keeps Granada in his heart, without having even visited it.” 

William Shakespeare.

This little fellow charmed the socks off us. We found him singing about Granada as we wandered through the historical district of the beautiful seaside port of Malaga.

His big happy smile and red ruffled shirt drew us in. His flamenco guitar kept us there.

The Kazoo was a quirky surprise.

Busker What’s Your Story? I guess we’ll never know; but we’re betting it’s a happy one.


Busker What’s Your Story? Harpist at Royal Palace, Madrid

Harpist, Royal Palace, Madrid

“And he played on a harp of a thousand strings. Spirits of just men, made perfect.”

Henry Teliaferro Lewis

In the fading light of early evening, outside Madrid’s Royal Palace, a pony tailed Spaniard is sat upon a rich red carpet, ringed in ivy.

The crowd listen in awe as he plucks skillfully at the strings of his spellbinding harp.

Busker What’s Your Story?

We’re too mesmerised to ask, but we know it reeks of romance.

Spanish musician plays the harp outside Madrid's Royal Palace

Busker What’s Your Story? Tablao Sur

Image Credit: “SAM_4413” by Bryn B. Jones CC BY-ND 2.0

Tablao Sur

The magic of Spanish guitar, the virtuosity of electric bass, the dynamics of the dancer’s tap shoes – this variety of percussive sounds combine for a spellbinding experience we call Flamenco Global Fusion.”

Tablao Sur

Under caves in Barcelona’s beautiful Park Guell a passionate Gypsy flamenco dancer stomps his feet to a commanding beat of castanets, hand clapping and flamenco guitar.

We don’t know their story – but we feel their passion.