Busker What’s Your Story? Willy Golightly & Rowan Brown

Willy Golightly & Rowan Brown

Heading out to Beechworth on a leisurely Saturday in January, to support what had earlier become a bit of a ghost town during the devastating bushfires, Busker What’s Your Story? was delighted to discover two old timers in the main street enjoying a cheeky impromptu busk.

It was Beechworth folk/blues musician Willy Golightly’s birthday. He said the bushfires in surrounding regions had put everyone on edge and he wanted to do something to lighten things up a bit.

Setting up to busk with his guitar on Ford Street, Willy was chuffed when his old friend and double base player Rowan Brown from Woolshed/Eldorado (whom he hadn’t seen for ages) decided to join him on the spot for a good old fashioned jam.

It was wonderful to stumble upon these joyful musicians doing what they could to brighten up the smokie town. Once again, it was music bringing people together.