Busker What’s Your Story? Keka Otero

Keka Otero

“In Andalusia we dance with passion, we cook with passion, we fall in love passionately! I think that this is reflected in my music.”

Keka Otero

Keka is a musician from Seville in Spain who has been busking around Melbourne, Australia for around the last 9 months.

Keka’s sophisticated vocals and piano skills are delighting Melbourne tourists and shoppers in the CBD, including the Bourke Street Mall, Southbank and St Kilda precincts.

We’re thrilled that Keka has recorded this great interview just for us here at Busker What’s Your Story?
Enjoy her big warm smile, engaging personality, beautiful piano and impressive vocals as she shares with us a little about her busking experiences here in Melbourne.

You can also catch Keka at a few local gigs. She will be appearing on Valentine’s Day (14 February) at The Clayton Hotel from 6.30pm and at the Clifton Hill Brew Pub on Sunday 29 March from 6pm. Check out her Facebook for any further opportunties to see her play live.

Here she is covering the Ed Sheeran classic ‘Perfect’ to the delight of passers-by in Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall.

Find out more about Keka Otero:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/Keka-Otero-365606166875601/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kekaotero/

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb55huf-xu2if55xh0Tj4rg

Busker What’s Your Story? StephStrings

Image Credit: Lewis Warner


“I love when I’m playing and passers-by are rushing, all busy and occupied and then they stop and give me a look, almost as if to say ‘thanks for making me stop and smile’. That’s my favourite part, when people walk past with a skip in their step and it feels like I’ve positively impacted their day.”

Steph Strings
StephStrings original instrumental – Revilo

Steph is a 19 year old Melbourne born multi-instrumentalist. She released her first E.P. titled ‘Allegoric Oceans‘ in 2017 and is a regular busker at the Marketplace in Camberwell.

With influences from the John Butler Trio, Tash Sultana and Ziggy Alberts, Steph’s genre contains bursts of percussion alongside fingerstyle and indie rock.

At Busker What’s Your Story? we wanted to find out more about this young and talented independent acoustic artist.

What drew you to music as a child?

I grew up in Melbourne, surrounded by lots of family, friends and sport. Some of my earliest memories of music include driving in the car with my Dad, listening to Elvis Presley on repeat, watching my cousins jam together and going to see Ed Sheeran at my first concert when I was 14 years old.

What drew me to music was the support from my Dad and two of my cousins. They taught me a large handful of songs and showed me how much fun it was to jam and explore different sounds.

As a young person I listened to Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What do you enjoy most about busking?

One of the best things about busking is meeting the locals and feeling a sense of community. I love when I’m playing and passers-by are rushing, all busy and occupied and then they stop and give me a look, almost as if to say ‘thanks for making me stop and smile’. That’s my favourite part; when people walk past with a skip in their step and it feels like I’ve positively impacted their day. It’s a pretty special feeling.

What do you like least about it?

There’s not too much not to like about busking, however when I finish a full day of performing and my fingers are red and raw, I guess that’s pretty annoying (yet oddly satisfying).

What are some standout moments you’ve had busking?

I’ve had plenty of funny situations. One man missed his doctor’s appointment because he listened to me for so long. Another time, a woman gave me $10 and thanked me for not playing any Christmas Carols!

If you could choose a lyric from any song that’s really special to you, what would it be, and why?

The song ‘Time Is Dancing’ by Ben Howard is personally one of the best lyrical songs of all time, but ‘Red Moon’ by Michael Dunstan has my favourite lyric:
‘Comforting memories of summer rain on wheat. Soothing rustle of the pines in the easterlies. Open spaces, that let me breath.’

Do you think buskers will survive an increasingly cashless society?

It’s something that I’ve been concerned about recently, but I think with our ever-growing technology, there’ll be ways for people to gift performers for their art. London’s recently introduced card readers for buskers so that people can tap their card and give money; I think that idea will go global soon enough.

What’s a great piece of advice you’ve been given?

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard in relation to music is: ‘Don’t let music become a chore, it should always be a release.’ I’ve followed that, ever since I heard it.

Where can people see you busk or gig?

I busk at the Market Place in Camberwell in Melbourne and I do gigs around Fitzroy at local pubs and bars.

StephStrings original instrumental – San Remo



Busker What’s Your Story? Cam Nicholson

Cam Nicholson

“Music is my mistress. And she plays second fiddle to noone.”

Duke Ellington

Cam Nicholson is an Australian musician, based in Melbourne.

For the last 3 years Cam has toured the world performing on the streets and on the stage at festivals around England, Scotland, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Singapore. Experiencing many amazing places, meeting many influential people.

Cam has started recording his Debut Album. The first single Kissing a White Line is available on all streaming platforms.

We caught this busking performance in Bourke Street Mall in November by the talented multi instrumentalist as he entertained a captivated crowd with his fiddle and a loop pedal.

Not only an instumentalist, singer/songwriter Cam says he aims to give listeners the stories of his experiences.


Busker What’s Your Story? Gareth Wiecko

Gareth Wiecko

“Don’t do it for the money. Do it because you love it. Also, tomorrow’s a new day!”

Gareth Wiecko
Gareth Wiecko Melbourne Busker

Wandering through Bourke Street Mall one sunny Saturday morning we were stoked to encounter the incredible talent of pianist and music composer Gareth Wiecko.

Gareth was born in Wales and developed an early passion for classical music. He went on to study a Bachelor Of Music at Cardiff University and it was here that he crafted his masterful skills as a pianist.

After completing his degree and boarding a plane with a plan to explore the world, Gareth’s adventures inlcluded busking around Australia. Gareth says he collaborated endlessly along his journey, exploring a plethora of styles and recording his debut solo piano album titled Notes to Self in 2011 at Byron Bay, before eventually settling in Melbourne.

Gareth has completed further studies in production and composition at Melbourne’s Australian Institute of Music (AIM). To support himself while studying, he is still busking around Melbourne.

Gareth says his dream is to compose for film makers, game designers, contemporary dancers and other creators, but he’s not ready just yet to step away from the endless variety of human connections that busking affords him.

He says he could not have dreamed of having all of those connections if it were not for his music.

You grew up in Wales, who taught you to play like that?

“I originally learned in my hometown called Wrexham. I took my studies further and eventually went to University in Cardiff, South Wales. I end up learning from a variety of peers, which really helped broaden my taste.”

What do you like most about busking? What are some memorable moments?

“My favourite aspect of busking is that no two days are the same. Memorable moments would be anything from impromptu dancers and flash mobs, and even young children tapping into and loving music without even realising why.”

If you could change something you see on the streets, what would it be?

“I guess the biggest issues that I see on a regular basis is either homelessness or the lack of options for mental health services. Working Bourke Street, you see your fair share of individuals that could do with some support.”

What’s a great piece of advice you’ve been given?

“Don’t do it for the money. Do it because you love it. Also, tomorrow’s a new day!”

What’s next for Gareth Wiecko?

“I’m working on releasing my second album titled ‘Anima’ at the moment. I’m also on the lookout for a new videogame to score!”