Busker What’s Your Story? Riff Ferguson

Riff Ferguson

“I got into music when I was about 13. I was inspired by the 2003 film School of Rock.”

Riff Ferguson

When he’s not performing gigs with his dedicted band or duo known as both Intensity and Intensity Duo, Riff Ferguson can occasionally be found busking at venues around regional Victoria, regional south/central/south coastal NSW and the south coast of Queensland.

We caught up with Riff busking at the Albury Wodonga Farmer’s Market.

Tell us about a lyric from any song that really resonates with you?

“That would have to be: ‘I only want to see you laughing in the purple rain,’ by Prince. The song Purple Rain really resonates with me; its meaning is pretty profound. Prince explains it as: ‘When there’s blood in the sky, red and blue equals purple.’ It’s about the end of the world; and being there with the one you love and letting your faith/God guide you through the purple rain.”

Who are your musical influences and what music styles do Intensity play?

“I have lots. They include Angus Young of AC/DC, Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, Alex Lifeson of Rush and John McLaughlin of Mahavishnu Orchestra.

Intensity Duo is made up of myself on guitar and vocals and Michelle Britt on vocals, percussion and acoustic guitar. We’re known for playing a wide range of genres in both acoustic and electric styles ranging from rock, pop, funk, country, blues, alternative and many more. It really depends on which audience we play for and the occasion.”

What’s something memorable that’s occured while you’ve been busking or performing?

“I remember one particular gig in Wodonga. This man was baltering all over the dance floor and he pretty much piffed himself in our PA Equipment! I had loops going on my loop station and then the power went off. That was memorable.”